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In less than three years, ill emptied the seat, pack all books and head to somewhere…to spread my career…to captivate every heart whom thirst for knowledge…to share the sweetness and those unforgettable memories of studying….to continue the unlimited exploration of knowledge and …to stay the way I am.

Stress and worries has started  to build up
Still, Caffeine is a good company

Meanwhile, im not having a free time
Or a perfect honeymoon
But i will be surely enjoying those soon….

I know its hard as my determination grows stronger
And I wont ask much, but i rather be thankful

Ease my journey ya rabb.
I know You are listening.




I am a Muslim that holds on to the Islamic principles. I believe the old skool methods ; commitment>hardworking>success (even though I seldom used the shortcut method). I am not gifted but i work hard to achieve my goals. Although i failed once or twice, I am not the easy-to-give-up type. My MENTOR is my mother. My STRENGTH is my family. I can listen and talk, express and motivates my friends the most i guess. Don't love me of something i am not.

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