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Reading happily??…yeah!! (not really) :-P

Assalamualaikum wrmth wbrkth.

The topic  just popped into my head..haha..
Guess why?
Im reading journal papers now (while distracting myself with updates from blogs).
And i shall go to sleep after the 8th paper, now it’s 6th..2 more to go.yeah!

(i must b motivated n maintained my reading momentum, eceh!)




I am a Muslim that holds on to the Islamic principles. I believe the old skool methods ; commitment>hardworking>success (even though I seldom used the shortcut method). I am not gifted but i work hard to achieve my goals. Although i failed once or twice, I am not the easy-to-give-up type. My MENTOR is my mother. My STRENGTH is my family. I can listen and talk, express and motivates my friends the most i guess. Don't love me of something i am not.

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