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Road Construction on Peat Soil

The problematic soil – PEAT SOIL (we have in Sarawak)

Road construction on peat soil may have difficulty. It is because the bearing capacity of peat soil is low and the settlement is high. Therefore we need a method to solve this problem. What is peat soil? Peat soil is a type of soil formed from the accumulation of the remnants of decompose vegetation which has high organic matter content. The characteristics are high organic content, high water content, large void ratio, high compressibility, and low bearing capacity.

This is the distribution map of soft and peat soil in Indonesia :

Distribution Map of Soft and Peat Soil in Indonesia (GeoGuide Departemen Pekerjaan Umum, 2002)

Black printed are areas of soft and peat soil. It is important to be known because there are many areas of soft and peat soil in Indonesia.

These are the actual condition of peat soil :

  1. Soil Bearing Capacity. Peat soil bearing capacity is very…

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