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The 12 Characteristics of a Highly Successful Entrepreneurial Mindset.. (CHECKED!)


I came across this articles while searching for the Malaysian Successful Entrepreneur. Only one malay guy manage to be among the top 10 and the rest are indian and chinese, ah, got one lady (she is a chinese) too. Honestly, I seldom “google” this stuff because i prefer to look for other materials like; facts, entertainments, do online readings (novels and etc), studies materials, and etc which normal young people read. I never care about politics so far (don’t ask me anything on it, my knowledge is as a much as a teaspoon). 

 Shortly, can I be like them (practically, in 10 years, after i graduated)??? I hope so.

inspiring entrepreneur talk tarc

 So, Here are the characteristics of highly successful entrepreneurs. Does I (and do you) fulfill the requirements? Lets check it out~~


1.         Passion: They absolutely love what they do; it energizes them and makes them come alive. It doesn’t feel like work, because they feel they are doing what they were born to do. (CHECKED)

2.        Belief: Their self-belief and belief in their ideas enables them to succeed. They have faith in their ability to succeed and proceed when others doubt their ideas. They believe they can make it work and never allow their circumstances to place a limit on their potentials. (CHECKED)

3.        Courage: They have the courage to take on new challenges, to follow their instincts and to go boldly where no one has gone before. (CHECKED, follow my heart mostly)

4.        Determination: Highly successful entrepreneurs have great determination. They are determined to make their ideas work, no matter how difficult. They are determined to nurture their ideas and watch them flourish. (CHECKED)

5.        Instinct: They are good at making decisions, tuning into their gut feeling and weighing up consequences in a heartbeat. The more decisions they make, the better they become at decision making. (What??..i have strong woman instinct, does that consider too? hehe..ermmm….UNCHECKED need to build up)

6.        Risk Taking: They are prepared to take risks and step outside their comfort zone to get what they want. Interestingly, a lot of their decisions are calculated risks(Does shortcuts consider as taking risk, well, sometime i took risk and get scolded, HALFWAY CHECKED, haha)

7.        Vision: They begin with a dream of what they really want to achieve and they set clear goals and objectives. From that, they strategize, plan and act on what they want to achieve. They inspire others to focus on achieving results. (I am a day dreamer, sometime i dream too high and people end up laughing (even i laughed at myself too) but i believe in all of it and i guess i have this, CHECKED)

8.        Discipline: They are brilliant at getting things done and this takes commitment, hard work and dedication. They get up early, work late and never give up until they get what they want. (I get up early during work and came back late from work, i forgotten to renew my license after a year, i never realised my car road tax had expired for 3 months ~ I might be discipline at work, but i failed to discipline myself..this one, UNCHECKED)

9.        Resiliancy: They have failed in the past and they know that they will fail again in the future. They are not afraid of it. They have learned great lessons from their failures. They turn the situation around to make it work for them. In fact, other innovations can even emerge from failures. (Yeah, this one is a big YES, sometimes, i accidentally made a repertitive mistakes though i know the far, manageable! CHECKED)

10.      Adapt: They are early adopters and quick to respond to changes that affect their business. They are not afraid of change, not afraid to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. They understand that change is a certainty and face whatever life throws at them with courage and hope. (CHECKED)

11.       Inspire: They motivate and inspire others to achieve results. They recognize and nurture talents and qualities in others. (CHECKED)

12.      Learn: They are always willing to learn and invest in their own personal development. They attend seminars, network and rub minds with like minds. They seek out others who share their passions and build relationships with people who support and encourage. They have great mentors and coaches and work on ways to continually improve. They grow daily, and never fail to make use of every opportunity. (CHECKED, learning must be continuous in life but i hate seminars without foods)

I manage to get 9/12, consider as 75% ready with attitude only. ha ha. capital?..i think about it later. Happy readings.

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I am a Muslim that holds on to the Islamic principles. I believe the old skool methods ; commitment>hardworking>success (even though I seldom used the shortcut method). I am not gifted but i work hard to achieve my goals. Although i failed once or twice, I am not the easy-to-give-up type. My MENTOR is my mother. My STRENGTH is my family. I can listen and talk, express and motivates my friends the most i guess. Don't love me of something i am not.

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