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Woman = Manageable ..??!

One of my lecturer break the silence and came out with a laughable phrase.

He said ” Woman Is A Terrible Management”…

I personally agree because i could feel like i am also unmanageable (half terrible). What i mean, i need a totally an understanding and wise guy to handle me.

My fren Yana (she is my coursemate and an engineer too, we met during our first class today) was disagree and said “Woman deserves love” which is TRUE! (which in other words means woman is not to be manage, shower us with love and yes we are a possesive species in the galaxy; no sharing)

Well, i guess she is soo right but I couldn’t resist the negative thoughts about guys in my head (considered i was heart broken last 2-3 years). I think it is very personal to discuss here but (broken glass is easy to mend than a broken heart) is undeniable.

p/s: Time flies and i will be in someone ‘s good hand. insyaAllah.



I am a Muslim that holds on to the Islamic principles. I believe the old skool methods ; commitment>hardworking>success (even though I seldom used the shortcut method). I am not gifted but i work hard to achieve my goals. Although i failed once or twice, I am not the easy-to-give-up type. My MENTOR is my mother. My STRENGTH is my family. I can listen and talk, express and motivates my friends the most i guess. Don't love me of something i am not.

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