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My lazy menu for few weeks 


I dont fancy food selfies, so here r the best 2 among plenty of mskn ive done since ad chiller bru (plus i cudnt simply eat anytg nowadays). 😉

Tadaaaa….(fireworks), Meet my ayam stim marinated with everythg, practically. Please dont be scared of tht huge cut of brclli. I enjoyed eating those in big pieces sebenanya. Oh btw, this is the easiest, lazy, n common meal ive prepared fr myself for dinner n lunch. Normally, i cudnt habiskan this portion at one time, so, i brought the remaing half for tomorrow’s lunch at ofc. Saving sgt youu youu. And xbasi at all.

The chicken ws basically “groomed” with oyster sauce, chili sauce, ginger, onion, garlic, lemongrass, green apple (optional), and sometimes i add potatoes, red chili, and soy sauce. Crushed potatoes (normally i took quarter size) also gives incredible taste to the broth (meshy2 gtew) n it helps to replace yr rice intake. So for those whom interested in a free-rice-meal or better say acah2-on-a-diet can give a try.

Steam fish also among my fav dish n yes, ive “groomed” them in various styles just like my ayam. But dont just go n mix everytg as for fish, theyre bit smelly n sensitive to certain ingredients. Lemon or limau CNY can be utilized  besides ginger. Hehe. Soy sauce taste bttr with fish. Garlic n onion as well. Spices like white n black peppers can fit in but not too much. It will spoil yr fish. Oyster sauce is not advisable, but ive already give it a try, not bad bro~..sedap juak, just jgn byk.Pineapple pun boleh tmbh tepi. Eceh.n make sure to buy fresh fish otherwise kurang mnyelerakan later.

Just a piece of advice.

Cook from yr heart. Ikhlas.

Umi pesan, nak masak, masak sedap  sedap. Buat betul2. Jgn marah2, nnt mknn xsedap.

Definitely true, i believed tht bcos mmg xsedap aie. Foods have feelings too rupanya. Sooo, hf to ikhlas.

Oh i almost frgt, please dont over do yr dishes, make it sederhana, especially when it comes to improvisation.Will def share more n more of cooking stuffs here.

p/s: Baby step learner, hari raya kitchen helper, and sincerely not a professional cooks, perhaps 1day , who knows??😜 like an old saying, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. good luck!

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Starfish Ninja


Been so bz with night classes, but still keen to update eventho mata dah kelat at this hour. N yes im still in my jeans, btudung, posing like a dead starfish on the floor. Plus, humming the i will survive song, sambil editing the post. Okay ya jk.



p/s: im a fighter! And best of luck to all fighters! May Allah ease everything fr u!

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games games games (oh what im doing here??!) 


It was deadly fun inside here!!.why i dah besar tua baruk tauk.??  No wonder kedey games were the best place for most teenagers after school (thts y karangan bm during our school time ada, “gejala2 sosial dalam kalangan pelajar sekolah”). Now i know y, but please dont look for soulmate here (only wen i experienced the madness in some of these games, i fnd myself – just like the younger me where i laughed mcm kak limah, shout wen i missed the target, my voice, i think it went to the top of the roof..hadoih).

I was abnormal for 2 hours with the other 2 stooges (my sibbies)..amer was bz with his basketball ring, claimed tht it ws gd for his muscles (hmm, nyalah ya..thenafter, he kept saying lelah eh, sakit eh, haha, my amer). N Dek snh go racing in her fav myvi driving posture “50cm from steering”. She cracked me up during the entire sesh hahaha!!, my dearie gollum. The pirate ship was the best; amplified by movable base, super shooting sound (rasa mok pekak n bggar jantung), plus me, the crazy woman inside!hahaha..

The decent photo (up) was the ‘aftermath’. Looking happy n stress released! (wpun tudung senget sikit). I Shud bring the girls here n let them scream too..😂😂😂

P/s: approx. a month bfr lap chole. Now i need to slow down a bit on sport, the body needs time to rcvr, time.yes, time.


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Someone corrects me,

“Don’t be like the flower that gives its fragrance to the hand that crushes it but gives to the hand that appreciates it”

Well said bro. Bravo. Okey, Noted.

(But ill keep that status up on whatsapp until forever, yours one, ill keep in my head as a guidance in my life). Very short and brief yet memorable. Moga dividen pahala smpai to u.


p/s: that was two months ago, sincerely, i appreciates yr advice, just in time u noe. Wlaupun terkejut dpt text like that from u, anywy, May Allah gives u the best of the best, bebahgia dgn fam dunia akhirat. Don’t get me wrong, he is just a distance-friend (or what we call that? stranger kah? myb not).

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Spending my lovely morning in the post office today. Such a great wednesday, less crowd, yeay, so i could happily breathe and greedily occupied two seats for me n my belongings. Hahahaha..

As usual, …i’m conducting an early morning observation on human behaviour..and my eyes stopped at an old lady, she was counting her cents for the bills. She looked so pity while flipping the cash and bills (i believe she was checking the amount of cash she bring and i was deeply touched) before calmly walked to the counter and handover the cash to them.

Plenty of good and bad thoughts running inside my mind..jangan ditanyak apa yg difikir, nearly 1hour spm essay. hehehe. Despite all of these thoughts, her calmness draws my attention back to her.

I was reading about Qanaah last nite, which means to feel content, suffice, grateful, and thankful to Allah for what are given and not. And x meminta2 tapi mensyukuri. Also, Redha, peaceful, and sabr. Numerous simplified versions of qanaah based on my understanding of last night reading. You can read it yourself and gain simpler and better definition….

Personally, i admired her. Because she’s old, hunchback (did i tell u earlier?), alone, calm, and brave. And i think what made her stronger is her appreciation towards life (for what is written and unwritten for her by Allah). Looking at the way she dressed, i supposed, she lived her life less than most of us. I was deeply moved by her attitude and calmness. I pray that we should meet again, and believe me opah, its going to be along chit chat with u next time.

Suddenly, rs ashamed to myself and now my great wednesday has became “the thoughtful wednesday”. Perhaps kenak double check sendiri and thats y in the hadith has mentioned,

Dari Abu Hurairah, Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam bersabda,

انظروا إلى من هو أسفل منكم ولا تنظروا إلى من هو فوقكم ، فهو أجدر أن لا تزدروا نعمة الله عليكم

“Pandanglah orang yang berada di bawahmu (dalam masalah harta dan dunia) dan janganlah engkau pandang orang yang berada di atasmu (dalam masalah ini). Dengan demikian, hal itu akan membuatmu tidak meremehkan nikmat Allah padamu.” (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim)

-retrieved from,


P/S: and for anak2, dont let yr parents go and pay all bills, especially yg dah tua2 susah nak bejalan.come on, have mercy on them. theyre not as strong as their young age anymore. its a pay bck time, shower them with love and attention, theyr too old to do all these young ppl jobs. Understand? (this was the first paragprh of my essay wen looking at her entering the room, and 20 paragps later at 80km/h speed of mind-writng. hehe.)


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Not all people can read you the way you read them, to understand apatah lagik.

Sometimes, your good intention can be disastrous to others. Learn that. Be extra selfish and not helpful to avoid keeping bad bad bad memories in your head over your life diary.

The guilt? Mestilah ada. But back to square 1, be extra i don’t know even though you know cause being i know, yes i know, ill help you out, you need my help? sure can, seems to be wrongly interpreted by ppl. ahahahha. (but u know right, if u know something and not telling truth about it, Allah knows bah, later Allah tanyak balit why u dont tell them?, apa aku nak jawab, be an extra i dont know is forever not a good option, grr).

So then, husnudzon come to the door and knock my head, knock em’ hard.

It made me remember this,  we live for redha Allah, not redha manusia.

-> so this is a way better….

Doing the best is basically for a living but the ability to be in good shape while ur head wanders in pluto, your leg at the office, ur heart is missing someone, ur hand barely holding a cup of drinks, ur eyes want to sleep, ur tummy singing loudly, and so on..mould you to be a survivor. (not all surviving classes taught u tis, and it doesnt req u to survive and win but to calm down the storm inside you without letting people know how u really feel).

HAHAHAHA..i will look back one day and finally realize it was an empty slot in my head that crash so bad that even you try to fix the memory card, it won’t goes well. Something is missing.


From that someone whom has deeply missing her sleep and lost in her research,

Come Back!!!